Harp on it

I decided to create here a space where I can from one side share with my fans, and the harp  lovers, all the knowledge and ideas that have been gathered and matured for more than 25 years.  And on the other side, this should be a space where we could interact around our common passion about plugged strings, etherial sounds, spiritual vibrations.

I dont consider that I should keep for my self whatever I have learned, hence I feel like sharing it, and using this page as a platform where we can enrich ourselves in the field of organology, musicology and ethnomusicology, and history of Arts.

I heard a few days ago that some young musicians are making a show about the story of the violin. I would not pretend that a post or a page can really cover the vast field that cover a question like ” how old is the harp”, or “is the harp only a classical instrument”. But we can here contribute all together to this questions. Comments and interactions are most welcome.