CD Album Ariadne

With her first solo album Ariadne, the harpist Clio K. presents her own approach to the classical harp.

Clio’s compositions combine a range of acoustic landscapes, from classic impressionism to Indian music, with a more modern, up-tempo beat.

Conceived as a feminine musical Odyssey, Ariadne travels downwards with the holy thread, but travels also in the real world: crossing seas, experimenting, with the new and the different, as the mythological character also did.

Imagine Ariadne’s harp singing with an ecstatic dance of world rhythms, scales and playing styles, inspired by traditional instruments such as the Santour, the Kanun and the African Kora.

Clio’s debut album is released by “InRealTime Records” and is an independent production.


Album Credits:

Harp, composition: Clio Karabelias
Darabouka, Daf & Rainstick: Giorgos Anagnostopoulos
Various drums: Vanguelis Zisis
Synthesizer: Kostas Papadoukas

Recorded & Mixed at Warehouse studio by Vanguelis Zissis

The painting of Mixalis Katzourakis on the CD cover is reproduced with the kind permission of the arts (Untitled 1975-77, aquatec on handmade paper 58x78cm),
Design cover by Dimitris Arvanitis (Espresso Studio)

Listen and download the album online:

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